Physician Life Coach

What’s actually stopping us from loving the career and life we’ve worked so hard to create?

Medical training.

That’s right. All those years you spent learning biochemical processes, physiology, pre-rounding on patients, and writing discharge summaries did more than just prepare you to be an amazing physician. It also wired your brain to constantly evaluate yourself against a standard of perfection (both inside and outside the hospital, clinic, and operating room), to judge yourself critically and relentlessly, and to seek validation and approval from outside sources.

In between memorizing the Krebs Cycle and passing your boards, your medical education taught you how to save lives. But it didn’t teach you how to take care of your own. 

And that’s why what got you here won’t get you where you truly want to be. 

In my 1:1 coaching program designed specifically for women physicians, you will learn everything medical school, residency, and fellowship didn’t teach you—how to manage your mind so that you can finally

  • Stop worrying so much about doing everything perfectly that you actually feel like you’re failing at everything.

  • Stop letting other peoples’ opinions of you (patients/office managers/senior partners) determine how you feel about yourself.

  • Experience joy, contentment, and ease instead of constant anxiety, overwhelm, and dissatisfaction.

It’s the medicine you didn’t even know your brain needed.

If you’re ready to learn how your medical training is holding you back and want the tools to un-doctor your brain, sign up now to see how we can work together.