Devon Gimbel, MD


You sacrificed decades of your life training to be a physician–and now wonder if it was worth it.


You have a career other people would kill for—but you dread going back to work each morning and can’t truly enjoy your time away.


You hold advanced degrees, receive accolades for your work, and hold leadership positions in your practice—and constantly worry it was all a fluke and that maybe you just got lucky instead of truly earning those things.


You spend your life taking care of everyone around you—but have nothing left for yourself.


You love medicine intellectually but feel like the healthcare system is broken—and it’s breaking you too.


You feel like you should be happy—but the demands of your career and life outside of medicine more often leave you exhausted, overwhelmed, and guilty for not being as fulfilled as you think you should be.

I know what it’s like to have gone through all the education, all the training, get a great job, and then wonder what it was all for just years into my medical career.

That’s right. I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

I trained at prestigious institutions, secured a competitive fellowship, landed a dream job that was supposed to be my “forever job”…and was so miserable just 5 years into practice that I considered quitting medicine entirely.

I was depleted, angry, and resentful. I felt trapped in my job and thought my only options were to stay, miserable, or quit medicine entirely. I thought I was too young to leave medicine and too old to do anything else after all the years of education and training. 

So I did exactly what medicine trained me to do-keep on pushing forward. Keep sacrificing myself, keep prioritizing medicine, keep going. For years. Until one day I randomly listened to a podcast on coaching that changed everything for me. 

Through working with my own coach and delving into the world of positive psychology, I learned everything medical school hadn’t taught me-what truly creates my emotions and how to gain control over them, how I constantly undermined myself without even realizing it (and how to change that!), and what it meant to deliberately create a life I love. And I can teach you to do the same.

As Seen In

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Speaker and coach, The Institute for Physician Wellness Spring retreat April 2020

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